Sub Tenon Set - Standard Tip

Sub Tenon Set - Standard Tip


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Our standard Sub Tenon Set was created here at Blink Medical using feedback and guidance from surgeons just like you. 

We worked with several surgeons to create a customised pack that:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Infection Control
  • Controlled Cost
  • Improved Product Traceability 
  • Reduced Clinical Waste
  • All whilst providing PREMIUM QUALITY instruments.

This Sub Tenon Set includes:

  • 8 x Moorfields Suture Forcep
  • 8 x Speculum Kratz-Barraquer Angled Temporal
  • 8 x Curved Westcott Scissors 
  • 8 x FG12 Catheter
  • 8 x FG18 Catheter

Please quote '001' as a product reference for this set.